Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We weren't home long, just passing through.  Just like Traveling Tom used to do.
But we did find time to pick tart apples on an ancient tree.
We played with the best cat ever.
And we also went through my Uncle Brent's corn maze in the dark. Afterward, we laid down in the damp field and watched the blood moon transform.  Pretty cool.

The bountiful harvest was used by Jasper to make a delicious apple cider.  You will never see that shade of pink in a store-bought apple cider! The rest was used for apple pie filling, which will be pulled out in the long cold winter.

Ancient Apple Tree
Traveling Tom, no more.  He's in retirement now.
The Best Cat
A Local Gentleman Farmer


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Justin said...

Gentleman farmer! Ha! I just bust out laughing and my co-workers are looking at me like I'm crazy.