Sunday, December 28, 2008

Old Home Place

More ice.

Iowa Ice

From Michigan, we ventured through icy roads and sore tempers to Iowa. We barely made it. The morning we left, i took this picture. It was beautiful.
We had a lovely time with our family ice skating, playing Settlers, and eating Dutch pastries Mom made. My Dad put a dead hog in the field so we could watch the eagles feast, but a Canadian scared them away. I do not have pictures to prove it.

Michigan Snow

I dropped the kids off in Iowa with my mom and drove to Grand Rapids to visit with my brother Eric. They received a whole lot of snow. (3 feet in the last 2 weeks!!) It was beautiful and Stella couldn't stop rolling in it. She is made for the snow.
This is me in Holland on the lake shore. It was crazy cold and icy.

Friday, December 12, 2008


We went a conservation class at Forest Park today to learn about animal tracks.

We mixed sawdust, flour, and water to make the material to shove into rubber molds.
This is a picture of Jasper's beaver and Tullaia's red fox.

Have you ever tried to walk like a raccoon? It's pretty hard.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunshine By Tullaia

Tullaia was feeling inspired yesterday.
We were driving in the car when she wrote this poem. She says it reminds her of Hafiz.

Rainy day.
Cloudy day.
Litle slits
of blue between the clouds.
What is that?
Clouds part.
The color of a little girl's eyes.

This is a picture of Iowa sky.