Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Iowa Weekend

Apple Tree
...ancient and delicious, i love to see my kids climbing on it now.
Our Old Barn
...each time i come home, more is missing.
Gravel Road
...one of my favorite views at twilight.

Froggy Friend
...this poor guy had to suffer through a lot. I think Tullaia wanted to dress him up.
Oskaloosa Brick Steps
...made by my Dad
Fence Post
...Jasper says "you really like that fence post Mama".
Old Tree
...This tree used to be huge and housed a tree house made by Dad. A new one is in the works.
The kids went fishing and caught several large fish. I was impressed by their patience. Then they were schooled about cleaning them before they ingested them. Unfortunately i only have a picture of the laziest and most troublesome fisherman of all.

Apple Tree Grin
Papa's Boy

Workday For Jasper

After months of excitement, Jasper had a chance to discover for himself what Papa does all day long.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

St. Francois

This state park is only an hour from us and is stunningly beautiful. It was used as a hideout in the Civil War. The kids did well on a moderately difficult and strenuous hike called Mooner's Hollow named for the past activity of moonshiners here.
Halfway through the hike is a waterfall. Here they are perched on the edge.

First time in is COLD!

Crouched in a Cave
Can you tell he has to potty? We are almost to the end here and we barely heard any whining.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Papa WorkDay

Tullaia spent the day with Papa at work a few weeks back. She wore her work pants.

My Mother's Day

Sky Coffee

Salamander Discovery

My Constant Companion


Hissing Turtle

I went with a dear friend to Mary the Font Solitude in High Ridge this weekend.
It isn't too far away but is fairly secluded on 120 acres of woods.
Some birds seen,
Summer Tanager, Eastern Towhee, Downy Woodpecker, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Swainson's Thrush,Barred Owl.
"But resign yourself calmly to the will of God, to bear whatever comes upon you for the glory of Jesus Christ; for summer follows winter; after the night, day returns; and after the storm, there comes a great calm."

May 9,2009

And what i enjoy the
most today
is the new green
of spring leaves.
The birds and their songs
take the place
of car, bus, ambulance, train,
helicopter, zoo-goers,
peacocks and lawn-mowers.
The rare absence of these
makes the solitude