Friday, October 3, 2008


Tullaia takes art history with a neat lady in Soulard. For instance, the first class was on prehistoric art. The children ground up berries and used twigs to paint on rock. They listened to drums playing in the background and ate fruity pebbles for a snack. I am super-jealous, but the boys and i have a good time exploring Soulard each week. These are pictures of the community garden. It is huge!

Lemonade and Cookie Stand

Tullaia spends a fair amount of time making items to sell. She has sold a few items to neighbors and friends, but most of the crafts have been bought by brother Jasper. We got together with Isabella and her sisters a few weeks back to sell lemonade and cookies. If you notice the fine print. It says, "'ll warm you up on a cold winter day."