Monday, June 23, 2014

Stella, Blue and Luna Memories

Blue in my well-furnished place

I had to smuggle Blue in to the Y2K Phish show on my lap under a blanket, while security pawed through our stuff.



The cutest puppy ever

Now it is the 4 of us

and then the 5 


Stella wondering how she got stuck in San Francisco with all of us


Luna and Stella waiting patiently in Washington


Northern CA

Stranded in Albuquerque



It is the end of an era for us.  They all left us in order of age.  Blue, Stella, and now Luna.

We didn't often make the best choices and surprisingly, they all lived long and healthy lives.

We have great memories and awful ones too, that are now tempered with time.

Chasing Blue around a full Albertson's parking lot while people stared and Blue didn't obey.
Looking for Stella, who was not yet spayed, in a soggy Washington forest while we waited for things to arrive in the PO box and she waited for her prince charming to find her.
Slamming Luna's tail in the door of our third floor apartment in Phoenix after taking her out to pee.  Part of it came off and i cried like a new mother who hasn't had enough sleep.

Thankfully we have great parents who took Blue and Luna in when we found out we were gonna have a surprise baby.  Up until that point, they were our only babies.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Iowa Time

Old things

I know dandelions are generally despised in lawns, but they are so pretty.

Icehouse Mama

Ancient apple tree

Doing what they do

Country roads

Traveling Tom

A wonderful time in Iowa...
The mama cats were so funny.  They kept moving all the kittens around.  And one time we found them in the Icehouse beer box, all of them.  They were crammed in there and mama just looked at us like we ruined her day.

First Aid Kit

You can listen to the whole album,  it's wonderful.
NPR- First Listen First Aid Kit