Sunday, December 27, 2009

Judy Update

Judy is recovering nicely.
She turned 7 months yesterday and weighs 81 pounds.
She is turning into a long-legged and fancy lady.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

School Room Bano

And what a difficult week it has been.
Judy was sick. Our gas was off for 3 days. It cost a lot of money to get both fixed. They are both still broken. My car wouldn't start. The electricity went off. I lost our food stamp card and pin together. I am sure i stubbed my toe once or twice.
So we had school this week in our only bathroom. The floor is heated and it was quite cozy.

But i am thankful for a home, generous family, my sister's bathtub, good and caring neighbors, space heaters, electric stoves, food stamps, and Justin's job.

I think of pioneer women when i start to feel overwhelmed. Things can always be better. They can always be worse.
I am just glad i can turn a knob and hot water comes out.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Justin got a job with Aquapure in Sales. He starts on Monday. This is a relief for both of us...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Evening Walk

Instead of locating a "colokie" we were able to hear a Great Horned Owl and see it's silhouette. I got a bad picture and then it flew to another tree.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There is a road under there somewhere.
Frozen Lashes

Gramma and Tullaia
It is currently 3 degrees here and windchill brings it to -13. Tomorrow's high is 9 not including windchill. We received 10 -14 inches of snow on Tuesday evening in addition to the snow we got Sunday eve.
It is fun considering we don't ever have much in Stl. Good thing because gravel roads are not top priority for snow plows. We can't get out.
I am thankful that we are not a homestead family. I am thankful this house has heat upstairs. My whole life we didn't. I went to bed reading with mittens and a hat on. I could see my breath. I got dressed while sitting on the heater.
I am still obsessed with sitting on the heater.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Farm

A few days ago we were able to visit a lady down the road with LOTS of creatures, but unfortunately i didn't have my camera.
She works for the DNR and rehabilitates wildlife.
We were able to observe/pet/ride these:
peacock, chickens, cats, skunk, vulture, donkey, horse, Mediterranean donkey, bobcat babies, goats, Big-Billy goat, talking bird, cows, doves...
We wore masks to feed the bobcats, so they wouldn't grow used to humans feeding them. It was so very special to see.
Thank you Joan.

Full Moon

Notice the Oriole nest in the Tree

Maskunky Marsh Moon

Tullaia and I had the opportunity to watch the full-moonrise over the barn. It moved quickly and with ease. The sky was purple and the barn was red.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Taken By a Two Year Old

Breaking into Lead Me Guide Me

Death Against a Blue Backdrop

We had the last unseasonably warm day to explore the tall grass prairie. Only one-tenth of one percent of this type of prairie remains. It is 8,600 acres of land that was purchased to restore and reconstruct the prairie and oak savanna. They have also reintroduced bison and elk herds.

We hope to visit here each time we come up to Iowa. I am so pleased it exists.

Pig Roast

Justin and Eric

I really like this picture of Nick

Dad seems to be struggling, Justin just looks giddy

Dad shot a pig, smoked it and gathered nearly my entire extended family within a day for a feast. It was delicious.
And that is one good reason to live on a farm.

Iowa Outdoors

Country Road

Pink Boot Yellow Corn Black Mud

Country Playhouse (We played here a lot.)

Gravel Silo Silhouette

Blue Stick

Gravel Boy

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Jasper and Eric

Eric and Judy

We had a packed car on the way up to Iowa for Thanksgiving. 3 adults, 3 children, 2 dogs. The trip was fine and we made it in time for the annual Stam Reunion in my grade school gym.