Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We weren't home long, just passing through.  Just like Traveling Tom used to do.
But we did find time to pick tart apples on an ancient tree.
We played with the best cat ever.
And we also went through my Uncle Brent's corn maze in the dark. Afterward, we laid down in the damp field and watched the blood moon transform.  Pretty cool.

The bountiful harvest was used by Jasper to make a delicious apple cider.  You will never see that shade of pink in a store-bought apple cider! The rest was used for apple pie filling, which will be pulled out in the long cold winter.

Ancient Apple Tree
Traveling Tom, no more.  He's in retirement now.
The Best Cat
A Local Gentleman Farmer

Nice Pictures

I was trying to get a "nice" picture.  Jasper doesn't take those.  But i like these just as much.  
Look at Tullaia and Avery trying so hard for it to be done.  

Minneapolis and Saint Paul

We traveled far up the Muddy Mississippi to the Twin cities for the Minnesota Shape Note Singing.
The weather was remarkable and I was surprised there wasn't snow.

If the boys go to a singing, i ask that they participate for a short time and then they can run wild outside.  They did a great job leading a song.  I asked the lovely arranging committee for a favor... The boys got out of there in a flash and made some wonderful friends.  They announced that they would like to come to all the singings with us.  Um, maybe.

The singing was in a historical village called The Landing. It was beautiful that weekend and the old buildings made me feel like i was in the "utopian" village in the movie called ...i can't ever remember the names of movies.

Our hosts were lovely and they had a cute little cottage playhouse in the back yard, which is magical to anyone who can fit inside.

The Mississippi was pretty, even while we snapped photos out the moving car.  Hard to believe that's 'Ol Muddy.

Photo by Paul Figura

Photo by Jim Pfua

Photo by Jim Pfau
The Mississippi 

St Francois

Sick goldfinch

Coonville Crick

Avery age 1

And here is Avery standing on the waterfall in the exact same spot.  He is a little taller now. 
Avery age 8
Small kids on waterfall

Tall kids on waterfall 7 years later!

I know we shouldn't, but we do.  We love to turn over logs and see what's underneath.
Southern Red-Backed Salamander

Wild onion is pretty

Coonville Crick

Mooner's hollow, at St Francois State Park, has always been a family favorite.  The hike is a strenuous 3-ish miles. The waterfall seems to be halfway, and depending on the current rainfall and your current size, there might even be a place to swim.