Sunday, July 6, 2014

Iowa in June- Puppy Time

Even though we just came back from Iowa, we had to go back.  They got a puppy, named Toji,  and we had to see her.  After both Grandma's got puppies last month, the kids think it will sway me to get another.  
It won't.

The boys' eyes indicate their love for Toji.

Sleepy Barn Kitty

Jasper, bale boy

Our mulberry haul

The hands that picked them

2 cuties smiling

My Dad used to work for the woman who lived here.  She was a single mom and farmed this rugged land that borders the Des Moines River.  Her daughter donated the land before she died.

The house is tucked away down an overgrown road.

The barn is beautiful.

And the cicadas were just coming out and VERY loud.  The trees and skied were alive with their noise.

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