Sunday, July 6, 2014

Civil War- Iowa

While driving along highway 63 in Iowa, you pass a brown sign indicating a historical maker.  There you will find a tiny graveyard next to a field marking the grave of Curtis King.  At age 80, he was the oldest man to serve in the Civil War with the "Graybeard Regiment".
He was born in Virginia in 1781, a descendant of Pocahontas and son of a Revolutionary War Veteran.  He moved to Wapello County, Iowa and farmed until he answered Lincoln's call for volunteers.  
He had 3 wives and 21 children and was a "stalwart figure standing 6 foot 2 inches in height, dark complexion, blue eyes, and grey hair."  He served several months and died shortly after he was discharged.

Biography- Curtis King

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