Monday, July 14, 2014

Anaerobic Composting

Last year, i started investigating a different way to compost.  We have used many different kinds, including standard bins that are turned with a pitchfork, bins that turn with a handle, and worm bins.
I wanted something that was affordable and fully enclosed.  I haven't had trouble with rats, possums, and coons in the compost, but they are around.  I don't want to give them any more encouragement to hang out here.
So i came to anaerobic composting, which was new to me.  I guess i hadn't really given it any thought before. Anaerobic composting requires a different set of conditions and organisms than the conventional aerobic. They thrive in an environment completely lacking oxygen.

So i sold the rusty Compost Tumbler and worm bin on Craigslist and we bought some metal garbage cans.

These are the instructions we used.  "WE" means i find the plans and Justin makes it for me.  I always dig the holes though.
Compost bin instructions

Here is Mother Earth News take on it.
Trash Can Compost Bin

And here is some more information about the process it goes through.
Anaerobic Composting

It starts out like this...

In less than 6 months it looks like this...

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