Friday, August 15, 2014

Time to Merge...

We live in St Louis city and Ferguson is 5 miles northwest in St Louis county.  This is fairly irrelevant unless you live here.  
This article talks about the history and how it affects us now.  
The county map that explains Ferguson's tragic discord

Here is a Map of Decline for the St Louis area.

Champ?  I haven't even heard of it, and i love to read city maps before bed.   It's a tiny municipality out by Riverport.  Do people in Champ care much about what happens in Ferguson?  Probably not.  Do I?
We care more about something we are part of.  Otherwise it just turns into "those people".

"Fragmentation is not the principal cause, but it certainly fed into what’s happening in Ferguson,” says Robert Cohn, author of The History and Growth of St. Louis County, Missouri.

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