Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Just Arrived!

Parking Area

On Our Way Up To The Top

After Hiking The Appalachian Trail (Sort Of)

Clingman's Dome

The View

On Our Way Back Down

We went to Great Smoky Mountain National Park on "our way home".  Of course, it also rained nearly the whole time.  By this point in the trip, we are used to the constant drizzle, and keep umbrellas with us for the inevitable downpour every hour.  All of the rivers were swollen and scary looking.
As soon as we entered the park, we saw several elk and a group of turkeys. What is the name for a group of turkeys?
I just looked it up, a group of turkeys is called a rafter. 
We hiked to the lookout point for Clingman's Dome, 6,643 feet high and the tallest mountain in Smoky Mountain National Park.  The distance from the parking areas is only 1/2 mile, but because it is steep, it required us and our lowland lungs to stop frequently.  
We couldn't see anything because the clouds were super thick.  It made everything seem eerie and i look forward to going back sometime when the sun is shining.  

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GrannyK said...

thanks for the posting pictures!! I can't wait for South Haven!!