Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birmingham, 16th Street Baptist Church

We were fortunate to receive scholarships for Camp Fasola in Alabama.  So the kids and i headed out for a road trip.
On Sunday, we went to church at 16th Street Baptist Church, which was organized in 1873 as the First Colored Baptist Church of Birmingham.
Due to it's important role in the black community, and it's central location in downtown Birmingham, many mass meetings and rallies were held here in the 1960's.  Throughout the turmoil taking place in a city nicknamed "Bombingham", the church provided a safe haven for black men, women and children dedicated to destroy the evils of segregation.  This is also where 4 little girls were killed by a bomb while they attended Sunday School.
I felt very emotional while we worshipped here and i am glad we went.

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