Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick Girl

Judy is really sick...
For a week now she has been vomiting and lost 10-15 pounds just in the last few days.
Her fever is hovering around 104.
She is sad. We are sad.
So after all the many x-rays, blood work, IV, antibiotics, lots of money, tests for this and that. We still do not know.
She heads back for more IV and antibiotic treatment tomorrow. Initially they thought it was an intestinal blockage. But several x-rays and Barium came back normal. Now, they think it might be pancreatitis although the test came back negative for it as well.

It is often caused by eating too much rich food. She has been known to eat entire sticks of butter (still in wrapper), entire hams, entire PB toasts, Littlest Pet Shops, pencils, plastic dinosaurs...the good stuff.

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