Friday, September 10, 2010

Polyphemus Memory

I was reminded of Daniel tonight and since it was before blogging days, i must share the excitement with you now.
Years ago we found a fat, green, wriggly caterpillar trucking across the path in Forest Park. We snatched it up and it was so strong we nearly had to pop it's legs off to get him into his new home.
He spent a bit of time munching and crunching but made his chrysalis rather quickly. We found him in Sept and by late April I started thinking maybe it was a dud.
I made a mental note to throw him out.
But one morning, Tullaia was first to go out on the front porch and she shouted for me to come quick.
Daniel was Daniella. There she was in the butterfly house in all her beautiful Polyphemus glory! There were also 5 or 6 males perched nearby her.
The males can "smell" the female pheromones from miles away and make every effort to get to her. There they were and had already done the deed through the mesh of the cage.
Daniella laid hundreds of eggs the next day and we were fortunate to continue the cycle with her babies.
Why why why would anyone want to burn a Koran with this type of activity available?


Matt & Sara said...

very cool! I really hope our Hermie makes it. I'm thinking he may need a bigger home though...he won't even be able to spread his wings in that spaghetti jar. :) Daniella is beautiful!

Peter said...

Very interesting posting!