Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hatred Makes the World Go Round

While in the Walgreen's Pharmacy drive-through I saw a woman yelling at me through her car window as we sat and waited.
Although i could see her anger i couldn't hear her. I asked her to roll down her window.
She snarled at me and licked her lips.
She rolled her window down to say it again. F---ing Wh-te B-tch.
Over and Over...
I told her it was old-fashioned to act that way. She told me my Grandma was a F---ing Wh-te B-tch too.
Yes, we are Wh-te B-tches. ("orangish/tan" if you ask Jasper)
Hatred is real.


The Moore Family said...

Wow Hollie...that is bizarre. What brought that on?

Lisa said...

Yep, it is real in every color...

Hollie said...

Um...? Perhaps late medication pick-up? I had been waiting in line for 30 minutes waiting to be helped. She pulled up next to me and started in.