Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is 5 degrees right now. We are without gas (heat, hot water, dryer) for the 6th time in the last few weeks.
The process is familiar and lengthy. First the call has to be sent to a service technician. This can take all day or be just a few hours. After diagnosing the problem, a call is sent to the street department. This usually takes the longest and they get water out of the line. Then they have to call the service technician to come back to turn the gas and all appliances back on.

We have had a difficult time getting to someone who can actually help us fix the problem. But today we finally took the plunge and called the Missouri Public Service Commission to file a complaint.
This is an ongoing problem that has occurred in the past years as well.

The chairman, CEO and director of Laclede Gas, Douglas Yaeger made $623,333 in 2009.
His total compensation rose 32 percent in 2009. Yaeger’s perks, included a company car, club dues, sports boxes and spousal travel worth over $36,000.
Here is the full article

According to the company, we cannot get the problem fixed until Laclede gets the rate increase they are after.

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