Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Changes

Tullaia lost her first tooth.
We sold the crib and glider on Craigslist.
Avery is in a big boy bed.
We got a puppy.

All in 24 hours. (And Unexpectedly)


The Tudors said...

Oh, my goodness! Congrats, Tullaia & Avery!! :) I've been trying to talk David into getting a puppy, too, how funny. How's Stella? We're worried about hurting Rigby's feelings. Is that hilarious or what? I'll call you...gotta come see the pup.

The Tudors said...

What is your puppies name? Congratulations for your lost tooth. Call the tooth fairy and maybe she will give you a penny or a gold coin. Jasper is cute. I like your picture with the puppy. Love, Mara, Adde & Rose

Hollie said...

The puppy's name was Judy. We no longer have her.
As sweet as she was, she was not the age or kind of dog we were told she is. We were lied to about everything and the story is ridiculous.
Judy found a new home immediately with a family that was looking for a puppy just like her.
We made a hasty and unwise decision by believing an unbelievable story. The kids have been wonderfully understanding.