Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

We took a Spring break this week and headed North to Great Gramma's house in Michigan. Although the kids were sick the entire time with high fevers and flu-like symptoms, we had a pleasant visit. Aunt April and Bopal Opal rode with us while Mom met us there.
Sadly, Justin's Grandma passed away suddenly while we were gone and we attended the funeral today.
Riding on hot-air balloons.

Reclining with Uncle Eric after another hard day of Whirlwind Emulation.

With cousins.

Looking down on earth.

Yelling on hot-air balloons.

We explored an early 19th century replica sailboat on which cousin Sara is a crew member. She is helping the kids steer it.

At a chilly South Haven lighthouse with Gramma.


Anon #1 said...

Bopal Opal! I love it! (Jill)

Anon #1 said...

Our sympathies to Justin. Jill and Fam