Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daffodil Bloom and the Cycle of Life

It seems like spring just pops up overnight.
Tonight reminded me of the first time i felt sad about an animal death. I was probably Tullaia's age when i discovered the dead kittens. We had gone to see my neighbor Kathie in a ballet performance. It was an exciting evening. I think it was in Ottumwa, the big city. It was dark when we got home and i ran to the barn to check on the kitties. I jumped up on a rusty tank to peer up into the ceiling. I cannot remember details, but i know they were dead.

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Melissa said...

Just checking in to see how the bunny is doing. I had the same thought the other day on a walk- the daffodils seem to appear overnight to say "it's safe to come out now."