Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8 years ago...

Usually i reminisce on the kids' birthdays with old pictures of them.  But this year it's me.

I loved being pregnant.  But Avery's pregnancy was so hard.  I think back on those times and can't believe we all survived.  
Not too much medical detail, but my pelvis bones separated and caused excruciating pain.  It wasn't alleviated by anything.  Sitting hurt, standing hurt, walking hurt, lying down hurt.  
Tullaia was 4 and helped me get dressed in the morning.  Jasper was 2 and had to learn how to do a lot on his own.  Justin was going out of town for work.  
The kids were super as we traveled to all of my appointments.  
We went to physical therapy and i got taped from boob to thigh in an attempt to hold everything together. 
We went to senior swim classes at the Y so i could alleviate the pain in water.  
I, the one who doesn't do needles, sat through acupuncture sessions.  It wasn't helpful and I was told i had things in my past that prevented it from working properly.  Quack?
The chiropractor tried...
The OB felt the gap and spoke kindly to me. 
I never thought we'd make it through.  And then we did.

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