Monday, March 9, 2015

Penny mosaic

I got this coffee table for free, but it was in need of refinishing.  I painted it with chalk paint (leftover paint, water and plaster of paris) and decided to try out the penny mosaic.  We had a lot of pennies in the family jar.
It took a few more than anticipated, $18.00 in all.
I aged some of the pennies in a vinegar/salt mixture to obtain a beautiful turquoise patina.
Once the pennies were set, Justin helped me pour a resin finish, which required a bit of blowing to get the air bubbles out.  There is a reddish beard whisker embedded in the top as well as a few dog hairs. Memories...
I learned a few things.  One was that after 1982, the penny was made of copper-plated zinc.  Which must explain the funky outcome of many pennies.  They eroded from the vinegar instead of changing colors.  I think that is also why some of my lines are uneven.  The pennies are not the same size, due to the wearing away.

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