Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Michigan 2014

They always have to break the rules, where is Jasper? 

Our early morning fishing trip.  We had to get up in the dark and we weren't late.  I brought along my own vomiting kit just in case.  (a bucket in a bag in a backpack)  I have a terrible history on boats.

 Dad was real worried we would be late, but here he is enjoying his cup of coffee.

I think this is the only picture of Jasper smiling.  We were lucky to go!  Thank you Kloosters!!

And now here is the little girl with her smiles and big biceps.  

We jumped out and swam to shore from here and then climbed to the top and ran down.  Which is much harder than it looks.

We all tried quite a while to get a good jumping picture.  Avery has several that are basically just him stepping gingerly out of the swing.  

Like this...

Mom loves sunsets

Tullaia and grandpa going out on the paddle board

Fishing off the pier

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Kathy Stam said...

Good Memories :) I hope it works again this summer!