Monday, November 17, 2014

Iowa State Fair

I love the gravel road.  It is my growth chart.

Pretty colors mixed together

Always buddies from the start

These 2 as well.

This cat (Malfoy?)has gotten big and is still super sweet.

Famous butter cow at the Iowa State Fair

Grape Stomping division winners, i was the photographer.

And the coach

I love this picture because Jasper never knew it was being taken and those are the best kind.  

Giant Pumpkin, giant boys

Constipated farmer?


Little bandit

I love this barn, it is my time chart.

Poppy is the mother of them all. the whole herd.

Monarch caterpillar- Yesterday i read that it was being considered for endangered status.

Toji has also gotten big.  She is besties with the cats, the whole herd.  They sleep on top of her in the cold.

Zinnia are so pretty.

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Kathy Stam said...

LOVE these pictures!! And YOU!!