Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 10

Engelmann Woods Natural Area

5 Lined Skink

Gray Treefrog


I woke up on my birthday with plans to do schoolwork.  But Jasper insisted this was wrong,  "Mama, you can't do schoolwork on your birthday, you have to go on a hike."  It was a beautiful day, and we get to take sun days instead of snow days, so we did.
We went to Engelmann Woods Natural Area, which is in Franklin County.  It is a parcel of old-growth forest and one of the last examples of what once was found in the uplands near the Missouri River.  Loess deposits are several feet thick on north and east facing slopes, and contribute an Iowa-like color to the streams. The hiking trail is considered difficult and is a 1.5 mile loop.
According to MDC, there are historical remnants of an old road and cellar, which mark the location of an early water reservoir used to refill steam engines traveling down the nearby railroad.  It is said to be the first such facility west of St. Louis.
Only one tick hitched a ride, not bad.  It was a great day and wonderful birthday and now i am the same number as my favorite cow.


Kathy Stam said...

:) :)

nicholasandapril said...

same as your favorite cow! HAHA that made me laugh