Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meramec State Park

Prehistoric Indian Rock Shelter

 Hamilton Iron Works

Back in October, the kids and I went to Meremac for the day.
There are over 40 caves, numerous springs and several hiking trails, 4 of which we hiked.

We also searched out the Hamilton Iron Works, which operated in Hamilton Valley in the 1880's.
"Hamilton Valley is in a remote section of the park."  I'll say.
Mining started here in 1796, and this operation smelted iron ore to create pig iron, a brittle and impure form of iron that is usually refined before use.
John Hartford, the famous Ozark fiddler and riverboat captain, named his last album Hamilton Ironworks after this location.
When we finally found it, the sun had almost set and a trio of teens came running out of the woods screaming, while each holding 2 fists of empty tallboys.  They grabbed refills and sprinted back with shrieks, settling into the first ruin on the trail.  So i took a picture of it, and told the kids we'd come back and explore with Papa.
I am adventurous, but...

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