Friday, May 17, 2013

Things Found On A Spring Day


Snow Peas

Lined Snake

Midland Brown Snake


On this day, we found several snakes and the kids were delighted to put them in buckets.  There were 3 different kinds represented, Midland Brown, Lined, and Garter.  
Most of the snakes we find are Lined, and they primarily eat slugs.  We have an abundance of slugs, so i love having them in the garden.  
My posts are often months behind, because this week it has been "summer" in regard to temperature.  The snakes are surely in the shadiest place they can find and the peas are turning yellow with fright.  


Heather said...

These are GREAT! Let me know when you want me to come eat your asparagus.

GrannyK said...

:) :) :) LOVE your posts!!!