Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wind Ridge February 2013

During my time of silence, I saw flocks of purple finches.  I haven't seen a Purple Finch before and seeing so many at one time was exciting.  I also kept seeing a flock of Eastern Bluebirds.  And even though flocks of Juncos aren't particularly new and exciting, they were constant companions with me as well.  
I haven't been too successful taking pictures of birds. I think i need a camera that zooms zooms zooms.  

In Life And Holiness, Thomas Merton says, "There is no spiritual life without persistent struggle and interior conflict...It is hard to continue, to carry on the work begun, and to persevere in it through many years until the end."

Justin was laid off from his job several weeks ago.  It came as a shock and it is a terrible time (it always is).  But we will be fine. 
It is hard to keep on keeping on.  It feels like we can't get ahead.  
But this is one reason why.  
"The most important, the most real, and lasting work of the Christian is accomplished in the depths of his own soul.  It cannot be seen by anyone even by himself. "
But we have this.  
Dulcis Hospes Animae.  
Sweet guest dwelling in our soul.