Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our 1st Before and After!

Justin has been working hard to strip the paint from the butler's pantry in the downstairs bathroom.  It is complete!  The window that had the brick through it has been replaced with a glass block.  The rotten wall and ceiling were removed and the new ones are in.  The peeling vinyl is now hardwood.  The stained hobo toilet is fresh and white.  The sink was upstairs and we brought it down.  The original cabinet hardware was "cooked" in an old crock pot with TSP, and now they are beautiful.  The door with a brick sized hole in it is long gone and so is the curtain that replaced it.  (The brick on the peeling vinyl is also gone.)
With a serious look on his face, Jasper innocently inquired, "You know, don't you think we should work on getting, you know, some of the other things done, you know, like the more important big things?"  He is thinking a floor, stove, shower...
And yes, i feel the same way.  But we still haven't finalized the loan, and in the mean time, we are doing what we can.  For Justin, it was stripping the butler's pantry.