Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Before After

We don't have any "after" pictures of the house yet.  But that doesn't mean there hasn't been progress.
We have made many improvements since we first moved in, but we didn't expect to rehab it while living here, so it feels like it is moving too slowly.  I need to write it down so i can remain hopeful and be thankful for the progress we are making.
Now we have:
Plumbing (copper was stolen)
Roof on moldy sun room
Upstairs bathroom leak repaired
Glass block put in place of downstairs bath plywood window
Paint on some walls
Blinds on the first floor
Hot water heater
Kitchen faucet
Sun room gutted
Sidewalk taken out on west side/french drain put in
Plaster out of basement
Foundation tuck pointed
Wallpaper off third floor bedroom
Less spiders?
Functioning sewer
Washer and Dryer!
Locking back door
Less poison ivy
Floors refinished

Many of these things/jobs were taken care of by loving family and friends.  Even some (fridge) by people we don't know.  We are thankful for all the help we have been given.

It isn't going as planned.  But nothing ever does.


Justin said...

Don't forget that we had no plumbing. I mean none. All the copper from basement to second floor was stolen.

Hollie said...

i can't believe i forgot that tiny thing.

GrannyK said...

Well, rehabs are NOT fun but I live to say it is nice in the end and so far I have you beat on living in a mess!!! Must run in the family

Hollie said...

Though the garage, down the steps, into the tunnel to the basement, up a ladder into the house (with groceries and laundry from the laundromat.)
Was that really such an ordeal?
Just glad he waited until i left for that part.

GrannyK said...

Have you got the paint for Tullaia's room yet?