Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angie's Mini Cow Farm

My Dad and I were discussing the difference between miniature horses, regular horses, and ponies. And after we solved that problem, he mentioned mini cows. That lead to an internet search and soon after discovered a mini cow farm nearby. So we went to visit and the cows are as cute as they might seem.
Look at her hairdo!


mel said...

dear friend,
i know its been SO long. i occasionally find myself on your blog because i always love reading about your adventures. this morning i read you are moving? have you already? where to? would be fun if you were moving to nashville! anyways, drop a line with a brief update. i'd love to hear. love to you. mel

Hollie said...

Hi Mel! IT has been long. Oh my...i miss you.
Well i finally posted more on our move. We aren't moving far, just a few miles north. So still in stl.
So good to hear from you lady.