Monday, June 6, 2011

Eagle Hurst Ranch

13 year Periodical Cicada Skin

this is Jasper's bossy face
We had an enjoyable time here with some folks from our church. Laid-back and lovely. The Huzzah (is it a creek or river?) is so pretty.

The only down-side was no pets allowed. But we were helped out by a good friend, and later, by a good sister when we didn't feel like rushing home. The dogs didn't seem to miss us at all.
There were so many dead Luna moths. I saw one fresh out of it's chrysalis, but when we went back to look more closely, it had been dismembered and only it's wings were left.
Tullaia was brave and went on a horseback ride. She said, "Mama, i am just like Almanzo! I love horses." (Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder)
I was also brave and went with her. The last time i remember riding a horse, it coughed green stuff all over my arms and went sprinting with me on it's back.
We took home an interesting looking caterpillar. It is a pipe-vine swallowtail and it only eats...pipe-vines. Well, we don't have pipe-vine and i was gonna go searching for some in Forest Park today, but i am pretty sure it is already bedding down for the month. If that is the case, we will have a gorgeous, big butterfly in a while. I think i will plant some pipe-vine for future beauties.

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