Monday, October 18, 2010

Ozark Mountain Weekend

Dying Brightly


Big Grin Boy Little Tongue Skink

Feather Found

Cypress Arm

Beautiful Decay

Pirate Spy

On a recent weekend, we had warmer than usual weather that did not require sweatshirts in the evening and did require sweating in the day. It was a delightful time.
Before the kids went to sleep, we walked out into the clearing to gaze at the stars. I said, "Let's see who can see the first falling star." Two minutes of gazing later, one very long shooting star sizzled across the dark sky. All 4 of us saw it. Magical.
Darryl made a washtub bass and i tinkered around on it enough to know i would like one for myself. Everyone else played "real" instruments. We stayed up real late and played music on the front porch. The coyotes yipped us to sleep.
We saw a water scorpion, which i haven't heard of or seen before. It looked like a walking stick with moss on it's back. And he was swimming in the water.

Avery still had on his cast, so he enjoyed playing pirate best. Jasper caught a skink and practiced starting leaves on fire with a magnifying glass. Tullaia turned over every rock and fished as much as she could. Papa relaxed. I breathed deep and didn't even take pictures of moss

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