Saturday, August 28, 2010

Michigan Lady Style

My Mom and I are back from an almost relaxing vacation! As parents of young children may know, vacations are usually needed after vacations. But my kids are getting to the age of self-sufficiency and it is nice.
We were able to stay at Great Gramma's house and the kids reveled in their explorations of the crawl space. I remember feeling the same way. They even dressed up in the same old and colorful clothes. I remember that too.
We went to the beach, specifically 7 different beaches.
After a day of South Haven swimming, we were able to wave at Cousin Sarah on the Friends Good Will Tall Ship as she sailed out of town.
She was leaving for Chicago's Tall Ship Festival. Sarah is 16 and home schooled and it allows her the opportunity to do this. Amazing.
We were also able to see Cousin Charli after she was released from the hospital. She has endured a long month of ICU, skin grafts, blood transfusions...
It was so wonderful to see her running around with the kids and doing well.
On our way back home, we hoped to swim one last time. But the riptide warnings were in effect all the way down. We thought we would head south until we found a calm and gentle place to swim...nope. And Indiana's beaches were closed for swimming altogether.
We ended up at New Buffalo City. The red flag was up, but we were able to get in the water and let the waves beat us around a bit.
We made some pretty sweet sand castles at all our beaches. We also had some beautiful beach collections which included: driftwood, sea glass, bones, butts, straws, a Christmas tree cookie cutter, spoon, shells, plastic cow, fossil rocks, regular rocks, string, feathers...
We listened to Where the Red Fern Grows a couple times (much to my Mom's dismay). It is an incredible story and a wonderful way to while away the day.

Weko Beach

Boardwalk Walk

Cousin Sarah's Ship

South Haven Sunset

A Boy And His Driftwood

Warren Dune Climb

Great Gramma

They Made It


une autre mère said...

Sounded like a fun time! I love that you collected "butts" on the beach. What a great find! :)

Roberto said...

Thanks for the Merton quote I really liked it. As a Dad of 6 and 9 year old angels I have to admire your attitude re trips. We just got back from one and I loved sharing that time with my kids, but at the same time I could really use a real vacation now!
Maybe our mistake was that we stayed in hotels instead of with family. The best part was watching the girls bond with my parents-in-law and getting Kudos for how hard I was working as a Dad from my father-in-law.

GrannyK said...

SOOOOO Fun!!! And I really DID like "Where the Red Fern Grows".
I am so thankful we were able to spend that time together!! :))

GrannyK said...

SOOOOO FUN!! and I really did enjoy "Where the Red Fern Grows"
I am so thankful for the time we had Beach Hopping and with other family. :))