Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great River Road

McAdams Peak
Brussel's Ferry Crossing
and Grin

On Sunday we went hiking on the east side...Illinois!
Pere Marquette State Park encompasses 8,000 acres at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. After a picnic and a hike up McAdams Peak, we took the free Brussels Ferry over to Calhoun County. It is at the tip of a peninsula and the main form of transportation is by ferry. Four ferries are available to cross the Illinois and Mississippi rivers and two of those are free. Brussels is a tiny town and we stopped by the Golden Eagle Country Store for pop and penny candy. There was a bluegrass band inside and we tapped our foot to the beat.
From there we drove through the beautifully undeveloped rural countryside to a cemetery.

It was such a lovely day, I even thought twice about urban living.


GrannyK said...

OH, what a FUN day!!You would make Grandpa Slager proud by ending up at a cemetery. I love YOU ALL

Victoria said...

Was looking through random blogs today and saw yours! Grew up in that area and I love that park...thanks for sharing your photos!