Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There is a road under there somewhere.
Frozen Lashes

Gramma and Tullaia
It is currently 3 degrees here and windchill brings it to -13. Tomorrow's high is 9 not including windchill. We received 10 -14 inches of snow on Tuesday evening in addition to the snow we got Sunday eve.
It is fun considering we don't ever have much in Stl. Good thing because gravel roads are not top priority for snow plows. We can't get out.
I am thankful that we are not a homestead family. I am thankful this house has heat upstairs. My whole life we didn't. I went to bed reading with mittens and a hat on. I could see my breath. I got dressed while sitting on the heater.
I am still obsessed with sitting on the heater.


Scott said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. You have a lovely bunch of kids, and are a very talented photographer. I'll check it out again soon.


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The Tudors said...

Looks beautiful! How lovely to be snowed in a place like that!! (with heat, too...LUCKY!) :) Love ya.

Hollie said...

Thanks for your thoughtful thoughts!