Monday, October 26, 2009

Silent Retreat 3

I had such beautiful weather and the fading chlorophyll was stunning. I ventured back to Mary the Font Solitude (Sisters of Mercy).
One of the hardest parts of this is falling asleep alone, in a strange place without adequate locks.

It takes Faith
for me to lie here like this.
In quiet.
In darkness.

I know when i wake
in the shining
light of day

I will be
that i made it
the dark night.

Grotto Leaves

Spicebush Berries on an Old Fungi Log

My Doorway

Giant Walking Stick Strikes a Pose

Fern (Christmas?)

Except for the noisy crows, i noticed all life after several hours of watchful quiet. No one alerted me of their presence. They moved under leaves. Even a wasp's near-death experience with a quick spider didn't warrant screams or threats. Instead he shuffled along. Probably to make babies and die.
In my daily reading today, Oswald Chambers says this:
"All God's men are ordinary made extraordinary by the matter He has given them."
Sometimes the most extraordinary (and obedient) thing we can do is wait.
Be patient
not hasty
wait....not a natural skill of mine.
But one i think nature teaches beautifully.

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