Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Avery cried shortly after this was taken because the seagull flew in and stole his croissant.

Mom and Eric

Jasper and Uncle Eric on the Grand Haven Pier.

At the Hotel with Avery and his beach pose.

Buried Jasper

Jasper's beach pose

Maddy a new friend.

Health Nut

The kids and I drove up to Michigan to see my Gramma and brother. April and Opal joined us and my Mom met us there. My Dad also drove up later. We spent time in Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and South Haven. We even got to drive into the country to my Aunt and Uncles place for Gramma's birthday. Jasper said it looked like a "Nature Place".
The beach was incredibly fun. The waves were big. The sun was shiny. We barely fought at all.

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GrannyK said...

I thank God for my family! We did have a fun time together.