Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Iowa Weekend

Apple Tree
...ancient and delicious, i love to see my kids climbing on it now.
Our Old Barn
...each time i come home, more is missing.
Gravel Road
...one of my favorite views at twilight.

Froggy Friend
...this poor guy had to suffer through a lot. I think Tullaia wanted to dress him up.
Oskaloosa Brick Steps
...made by my Dad
Fence Post
...Jasper says "you really like that fence post Mama".
Old Tree
...This tree used to be huge and housed a tree house made by Dad. A new one is in the works.
The kids went fishing and caught several large fish. I was impressed by their patience. Then they were schooled about cleaning them before they ingested them. Unfortunately i only have a picture of the laziest and most troublesome fisherman of all.

Apple Tree Grin
Papa's Boy

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