Monday, January 26, 2009


"May this space, sacred by Your blessings, become for me a waiting room where i shall wait upon You, my Lord, my Beloved, my Friend." (taken from prayer in my hermitage)

I spent a lovely weekend at Visions of Peace atop a bluff above the Mississippi.
It was a necessary time of reflection and solitude.
I read several books two of which were by fellow Dutchman Henri Nouwen. In one he says, "This is a real discipline. It requires choosing for the Light even when there is much darkness to frighten me. Choosing for Life even when the forces of death are so visible, and choosing for the Truth even when I am surrounded by lies."

It was cold, but i sat on the bluff and took in seldom heard sights and sounds. Barred owls hooted day and night. Trains rushed by. Barges crept up and down the Mississippi. Eagles stood watch on the tops of tall trees. Otters ambled about in the icy water. Snowflakes finally fell. I was quiet.

"I thank you, O secret one, for the graces of this time in solitude. Each time I withdraw to be alone, i learn more not to fear being alone." (taken from another prayer)


The Moore Family said...

Wow..sounds amazing! I can't imagine reading "several" books, let alone finishing one! The bottom quote really has me thinking.

Johanna said...

Thanks for sharing this Hollie, I can momentarily feel the peace of it. Yes the last quote is really good. The last time I retreated-i was surprised to find the being alone part the hardest-there can be alot of fear about being far from people.

The Tudors said...

Oh, wow! I'm so glad you were able to do this. I'd love to get together and hear more. Beautiful thoughts and pictures