Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Way Things Work

The kids and I were supposed to leave this week for Iowa. We were hoping to go up with Aunt April and Cousin Opal and visit with family on the farm. Justin was hoping to get some projects done around the house.
But the transmission went out on our van and we found out Wednesday afternoon that it would not be ready.
Aunt April offered to take the big kids with her so they left Friday morning.
On Friday afternoon, i took Avery to the Doctor. He had an ear infection.
It seemed inconvenient that things happened the way they did. But it worked out the best way. No one would have enjoyed much with a screaming Bavery around. The kids are having a snowy good time. Justin and I worked together on projects and didn't argue.
Just another reminder of God's goodness.


GrannyK said...

I love this picture even if it is Winter

Hollie said...

i failed to give credit to my mom for taking the picture. i love it too!